About Me

"It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to use my knowledge of working with enamels and put my full energy into each piece of art I produce."

Mark Morris CGE


An artist enameller and craftsman living in Derbyshire, England, Mark Morris specialises in making enamelled decorative objects, usually by commission. In particular he has created and painted enamel boxes. Each box is crafted from basic materials: copper, brass, enamel and metal oxide paints to create a unique piece of artwork. Another commission saw the creation of a set of 26 enamelled cloissoné doorknobs, each designed by Mark and made to the customer's specifications.

From the beautiful spa town of Buxton in the Peak District, England, Mark began working with enamels the year before he was set to start university -- that year turned into five years!

During that time Mark served an apprenticeship in enamel painting and craftsmanship under the guidance of Anthony Phillips, the enamel artist for Halcyon Days Enamels. He completed many miniature paintings for Halcyon Days Enamels during this period. In fact the Miniature Paintings Gallery shows many of Mark's painting, such as the Tiger Moth biplanes, the Inside of the Royal Opera House and this one of a luxury yacht, which was the first commission he undertook.

Mark then took a ten year break from the craft and completed an undergraduate degree in Physics at the University of Birmingham, England, an M.Sc. by Research in Financial Maths and Stochastic Calculus at the University of Oxford, England (Exeter College, 2008) and plunged into the corporate world of energy supply and trading.

Now that Mark has returned to enamelling he is keen to exercise his freedom to explore the craft and, most importantly, go direct to the art lovers, collectors, art investors, gift seekers and people all over the world who appreciate exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.