Cloisonné Amazon Frog

Published Dec. 15, 2017, 12:43 p.m.

This gallery shows the steps to making an cloisonné domed silver disc with an Amazon rainforest frog design. This is a similar method to what I used for making the cloisonné cabinet doorknobs, except, here, I'm experimenting a bit by soldering a border ring around the piece at the start.

Initial Design for the Frog Silver Disc Engraved with Frog Design. Holding the finished engraving Engraved Disc Placed Next to Design Border Ring Border Ring Soldered onto the Disc Layer of Fine Hard Enamel Fired In Ready to fire wires onto design Kiln Ready for Firing the Piece After the First Firing of the Wires After the second firing of the wires First application of enamel using wet inlay After the second enamel firing After the third firing of enamel After the fourth firing of the enamel After the fifth enamel firing After the fifth enamel firing side view Before the sixth firing Just out of the kiln after the sixth firing Raising the enamel in various places After the seventh firing Grinding back to a flat surface After grinding back After firing after the second grinding back Grinding back again! Polished with wet pumice and then rouge Cleaning in the sonic bath The Finished piece Pallet
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