Enamel Cross Project

Published June 21, 2015, 3:57 p.m.

Project to create an enamel cross roughly 14 inces tall and 8 inches wide.

Here's a selection of images, in chronological order, showing the progress of the project to completion.

Design style reference Cross Shape Entwinning Patterns Initial Design for cross My second design for the piece Border Crosses Sampler Design to make the cross in sections Roughly cutting out the sizes of metal required Lower piece cut to shape Check it fits the design Bottom piece marked out Lower and mid-section pushed together Lower and mid-section interface Bottom section finished engraving Stem joined to bottom to see what it looks like Stem section drawn out Finished the rose on the stem section Stem and bottom section finished engraving Applying enamel to the bottom section First coat of Lapis Blue applied Red Border Applied First layer on the rose Fluer de Lis with their first layer After the first firing Check to see if it still fits the adjacent piece Bottom section with the next layer of enamel After the second firing and cleanup Check it still fits again Grinding the bottom section flat The bottom section out of the kiln after a few more layers Bottom section counter enamel Grinding back the bottom section and protecting the join edge Bottom section showing matt enamel Bottom section after the last firing Bottom section after wet pumice polish Bottom section after rouge polish Finished bottom section Tool path for the piece g-code example Sherline mill doing the cutting Cutting the join right-angle Fine Filing Middle section before applying the enamel Out of the kiln and cooled down Counter enamel on the back of the middle section Ready for the first firing All the enamel applied and before grinding back Applying enamel using a quill and a pointy tool Grinding back the enamel to flat Middle section after the final firing Middle section after grinding back In the kiln Just out of the kiln after a few layers of enamel Polishing with fine pumice Middle section after polishing Just the bottom two sections on their own Cross with the bottom two sections finished All the pieces layed out together Centre Piece close up Cross after centre section is finished The top section is next Whole cross with central pieces complete Whole cross with central pieces complete again but with some perspective Midway through engraving Right-hand section finished engraving All the sections together with a black border Close-up of the right-hand section and adjacent sections Omega drawn out The right-hand arm drawn out Right-hand original pencil design up close Background inspiration Engraving with Marigolds Right-hand arm section mounted and ready to engrave Omega test finished Omega test and the current omega section put together Enamel Cross finish engraving Centre piece for the enamel cross Top Piece of Enamel Cross Alpha Piece of Enamel Cross Omega Piece of Enamel Cross Stem Piece of Enamel Cross Bottom Piece of Enamel Cross Whole cross from the top down view Finished Cross (with cleaned up background) Finished Cross with some perspective Home-made Nails Nails and my sore fingers All the Pieces with the nails Signiature on the Stem Piece
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