Girl Chorister Medals

Published Dec. 5, 2019, 4:02 p.m.

Photos showing a project to design and make two chorister medals for Gloucester Cathedral's Girl Choristers

St. Kyneburgha initial design St Kyneburgha reference 1 St Kyneburgha reference 2 St. Cecilia initial design St Cecilia reference Ribbon connection, lugs or ring? Initial design for the medal casing Detailed dimensions for the design Positioning the casing in the vice Cutting notches for the lugs Preparing the lug section Preparing the lug section 2 Lug section with the inside curvature cut Putting a radius on the ribbon arm Cutting a hole into the ribbon holder arm Outside curvature of the ribbon ring arm Inside radius cut to the ribbon arm Ribbon arm sections finished machining Finished the cut on the ribbon ring Change of mind using non-radiused arm for ribbon holder Degreasing the components All of the components ready to solder Borax Cone Drying the borax on the solder joint Securing the casing in the solder block Heating up the joint Just after soldering the lugs The ribbon ring ready to the heated Ribbon ring after soldered Both the ribbon rings after soldering Both the main medal sections after soldering on the lugs Flycutting the lugs flush The lugs and medal rings soldered and cut flush Getting the middle medal section set up in the vice Cutting the lugs to size Drilling a hole in the lugs Using a tapping die Checking the brass tube fits The brass tube threading Checking the internal tap in the brass tube Drilling a hole through the second lug Both the medals with the lug and ribbon rings connected Rounding the lugs The components so far Using an edge finder Adding a shelf internal ellipse The first side finished Cutting the shelf in the second medal Milling the internal circumference of the ellipse Unexpected problem with clamping Edge finding to cut the other side Cutting the enamel support shelf Enamel support piece fitting check Cutting fitting recess in the top casing section Checking the fit with the middle section Making a chuck holding circle The finished holding circle Chuck holing circle with screw Screw protruding from the other side Sizing up a piece of brass plate Drilling holes for the top casing section Taking off the z-axis nut for greater height Set of screw thread cutting dies Set of three tapping dies Putting in the screw thread All the screws in place Blind hole so that's as far as they go A bit of an accident! Rough cutout of the ellipse Marking out the ellipses for the backplate Increase the number to four Cut out from plate Ready to file to an ellipse Rough cut out of the backplate Rough finish of the backplate Drilling the screw through holes in the back elliptical section St. Kyneburgha enamel medal St Cecilia and St Kyneburgha medals next to each other The inscriptions on the back of the medals St Cecilia on a black background Chorister Medals in their presentation boxes
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