Making elliptical enamel plaques

Published Aug. 6, 2018, 10:55 a.m.

These elliptical enamel plaques are 150mm by 90mm for the major and minor axis. They're made out of low carbon steel and enamelled with steel ground coat followed by opaque enamel. Here's some photos showing how they were made.

Rough Cut Ellipses Plywood Ellipse clamp Clampling so the back side can be cut Close up of cutting the steel ellipse Clamping for cutting at the front A view of my Sherline mill cutting the ellipses. Cut out ellipse Deburring the metal Cutting the back of four pieces at once Close up of cutting four ellipses at once Cutting the front of four at once Spray booth setup from the front The side view of the spray booth Spray booth from the back Accurately cutting a strip of steel Cutting the rectangles from strip steel Close up of cutting the rectangles Clamping the test rectangles 2 Clamping the test rectangles Finished set of steel test rectangles Heated alkali bath setup Checking the pH of the alkali bath Checking the litmus paper Cleaning the pieces in the alkali bath Cleaning with Sodium Carbonate and fine pumice Makeshift drying oven The shot blast cabinet Blast material Inside the blast cabinet Doing the shotblasting Surface after blasting All the test pieces in the blast cabinet Blowing away any free particles Drying the steel after washing Spraying the groundcoat Groundcoat sprayed close up Doing the groundcoat spraying Dring groundcoat layer in oven Drying ontop of the kiln before firing Dried groundcoat before firing Spray gun Degreasing the groundcoat layer before next spraying Groundcoats all fired in Spraying the white onto the fired-in groundcoat Doing the white enamel spraying A close up of spraying white enamel Spraying the white opaque enamel Drying the opaque white in the oven Drying the opaque white on the top of the kiln Fired in first coat of opaque white Enamel on square edge Enamelled rounded edge First spraying side Rounding the edges Grinding a radius Ellipses in the shot cabinet Comparing blasted steel surface Cleaning in the sonic cleaner after grinding Sonic bath settings Drying the steel ellipse after washing Shotblasted steel ellipses Drying the groundcoat layer Hot drying the groundcoat Spray booth ready for next piece Sprayed with groundcoat Drying second coat of groundcoat on the hot kiln top In the kiln for it's first firing Kiln firing temperature Grinding the groundcoat flat 2 cleaning after grinding Drying after the sonic bath mixing white enamel for spraying Adding the hot water to the wet-process dry powder Going into the kiln White enamel after firing Cooling down the white enamel after firing Extra layer of white required After the first coat of white White enamel surface defects Enamel dripping off piece Frozen enamel drip Grinding the enamel surface flat Slow drying the white enamel Firing In the kiln Trivet marks Trying to fill bubble holes Surface quality test Checking for bowing
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