Trivet for elliptical plaque

Published Aug. 8, 2018, 2:10 p.m.

Some photos showing the making of a trivet for supporting some elliptical enamel pieces that I've been painting.

Recycling stainless steel Cutting the edges parallel Support foot Another support foot support foot before right-angle bend Holding a foot in the vice Hammering action shot Hammering in the vice Finished hammering a right angle on support foot All the feet ready Marking out the ellipse Marking out all the pieces The main section marked out All the pieces together 2 Spot welder set up All the pieces together Spot welding the pieces together Welded together Checking the ellipse fits snuggly into the trivet Adjusting by adding and extra triangle Adding adjustment with Irwin pliers Better fit this time Fire in kiln Trivet after firing First firing using the new trivet
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