Spray booth setup from the front

Published May 10, 2018, 11:29 a.m.

To enamel the steel I'm going to spray wet-process enamel. First the groundcoat followed by the opaque white. I got my wet process enamel this time from WG Ball but I've also got a pack of groundcoat, that I've yet to try, from M&CT vitreous enamels.

To spray the enamels I need to manage the dust, i.e., use a spray booth. This is a wet backed spray-booth made from an old dishwasher. The pump pushes the water around so that is runs down the white ramp at the back. This captures the overspray of enamel and washes it into the filter at the bottom. This dishwasher's waste-out pump was still useable too so this pumps the water out of the booth when finished.

Spray booth setup from the front

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