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Entwining Patterns

Entwining Patterns

I've been experimenting with some champlevé and basse-taille enamelling. This entwining pattern is taken from a medieval enamel religious design. The samples, moving from left to right, respectively, are: a champlevé piece on standard brass, a basse-taille piece on fine silver, a cloissoné piece with fine silver wires on fine silver and, lastly, a champlevé piece on copper.

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Move to Buxton and the New Workshop

Move to Buxton and the New Workshop

We moved to Buxton in August last year after spending most of the year trying to find a suitable house. As seems to be normal these days, with moving house, we had plenty of stress and anxiety - enough for the next few years put together! The buyers of our house in Swindon threatened to pull out, the sellers of the house in Buxton were getting all agressive about us doing surveys (now we know why!) and the bank only just gave us a mortgage the day before the move.

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