Making a watch case (part 4), cutting the dial shelf

Making a watch case (part 4), cutting the dial shelf

The next thing I did was to cut a dial shelf into the centre body of the watch case, i.e. into the ring I'd just made. I was designing as I went! As it turns out this is not the way the watch progressed but it did give me a wonderful way to display the cloisonné frog, or any circular enamel piece for that matter!

I put the ring back onto the lathe and cut out the shelf just wide and deep enough for the cloisonné frog disc to sit;

dial shelf cut into the ring.

The frog sits very nicely in the ring

frog sitting in the ring,

The depth being just enough to sink the thickness of the silver disc below the surface, as you can see from this angled view,

angled view of the cloisonné frog sitting in the ring.

I could use a ring like this as a mounting frame for such pieces as these in the future. I would have to glue the disc into the frame, though, as there is nothing to keep it in except gravity.


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