Making A8 sized steel test pieces

Before I enamel the ellipse I wan't to do some tests. For this I'm cutting out some small rectangles 74mm x 52mm (this is A8 paper size).

First I cut some strips of steel slightly oversize, so about 52.5mm wide, I've got about 4 sheets together here:

cutting 52mm wide steel strip

The pieces are firmly clamped at the ends and raised off the machine table using some laminate flooring off-cut. I probably should have clamped something on top as I did get a bit of chatter mid-way down the strip - but it wasn't much of a problem.

Next I cut the strip into sections, again slightly oversize, each to 74.5mm in length. For this I used a band-saw with a stop set to cut the right length.

cutting the rectangles

All the brass off-cuts in the band-saw vice here are just to balance the vice-jaw. It's easier just to cut one at a time otherwise the clamping is too fiddly.

Once the rectangles are cut I sandwich them together and mill them to the exact dimensions all at once:

milling to rectangles

It takes a bit of juggling with the clamping

clamping positions

clamping position 2,

and I get a set of ten A8 sized steel pieces:

ten A8 sized steel pieces.

These will be good for testing the enamelling process, and to see if rounding the edges produces any significant difference to the adhesion of the enamel at the edge.


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