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Three were accepted!

Three were accepted!

I got three of these accepted into the Royal Miniature Societies Exhibition this year at the Mall Galleries, London. I can't believe it! I didn't quite manage to get the chance to become an Associate Member of the Royal Miniature Society - if only I'd got the other two accepted....

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Gloucester Cathedral Girl Chorister Medals

Gloucester Cathedral Girl Chorister Medals

Here are the finished pair of chorister medals for the head and deputy head girl choristers at Gloucester Cathedral. The left-hand one depicts St. Cecilia, the patron saint of music, and the right-hand one depicts St. Kyneburgha, who founded Burh Abbey.

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Initial designs for the chorister medals

Initial designs for the chorister medals

After some time the customer and I came up with these designs for the medals. The actual construction of the medals was still a bit unkown at this stage. The customer wanted something that would be robust but yet elagant. My initial thoughts were to adapt the watch case I'd made before.

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