Initial designs for the chorister medals

Initial designs for the chorister medals

After some time the customer and I came up with these designs (above, and the one below) for the medals.

Initial design of St. Cecilia

This design for St. Cecilia came directly from a stained glass window in Gloucester Cathedral

Stained glass window showing St. Cecilia.

The St. Kyneburgha design (first photo of this post) was taken from a statue of St. Kyneburgha, also within the cathedral:

A close-up of the statue of St. Kyneburgha in Gloucester Cathedral, and

The statue of St. Kyneburgha inside Gloucester Cathedral.

The actual construction of the medals was still a bit unkown at this stage. The customer wanted something that would be robust but yet elagant. My initial thoughts were to adapt the watch case I'd made before.


I wouldn't need the glass but the rest of the casing design could be adapted to give the enamel protection and a means of suspending the enamel from a ribbon. Either the ribbon could be suspended from a bar or a ring, these were some quick sketches to give the idea:

Quick sketch of the possible ways of holding the medals with the ribbon.

The customer preferred the ring design, so I drew up some more detailed designs based on this

More detailed designs of the medals.

Using the watch-case design as a starting point I put some detailed dimensions down on paper:

Detailed dimensions for the medals.

I referred to this design sheet repeatedly during the making of the casing.


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