Gloucester Cathedral Girl Chorister Medals

Gloucester Cathedral Girl Chorister Medals

Here are the finished pair of chorister medals for the head and deputy head girl choristers at Gloucester Cathedral. The left-hand one depicts St. Cecilia, the patron saint of music, this was for the deputy-head chorister girl:


St. Cecilia Enamel Medal


This design was taken from a stained glass window which is in the Cathedral.


The other medal, which depicts St. Kyneburgha, is for the head chorister girl:

St. Kyneburgha Enamel Chorister Medal

The reference for this was based on a statue in Gloucester Cathedral and some references indicating the colours that St. Kyneburgha may have worn for her role as Abbess at Burh Abbey.

A asked Ray at Temima Crafts to make the presentation boxes. They each have an inscription on the lid, which you can't see in this photo, to indicate which medal is in the box.

The chorister medals in their presentation boxes

The back of the medals have an inscription

The inscription on the back of the medals.


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