Category list

  • Champlevé 10 entries

    Anything to do with the enamelling technique known as Champlevé where areas of metal are raised above the spaces where the enamel is put. In most cases this involves removing the metal in which the enamel is put by either engraving, milling or etching out.

  • Chorister Medals 2 entries

    A project to design and make a pair of medals for Gloucester Cathedral's head and deputy head girl choristers.

  • Cloisonné 8 entries

    Cloisonné enamelling involves creating sections which can be filled with enamel. The sections hold the enamel so it doesn't run into the adjacent section.

  • Cloisonné Amazon Frog Experimental Project 3 entries

    Experimenting with putting a border onto the silver disc before enamelling.

  • Commissions 17 entries

    Some of the commissions that I've worked on (or currently working on!)

  • Design and modelling using blender 1 entry

    Designing items in blender 3D. It's been quite a learning curve, but I'm getting the hang of it...I think!

  • Elliptical Enamel Plaques 10 entries

    I had a commission to paint four paintings onto elliptical-shaped enamel plaques. This category records anything to do with that project.

  • Enamel Cross Project 13 entries

    The project is to design and make an enamel cross alter piece 14 inches tall to be placed in a chapel. The chapel, although indoors, is still a bit exposed to temperature and climate variations. The cross itself is to be of a medieval design.

  • Enamel on Steel 7 entries

    Anything to do with enamelling on steel. My current experience is with low-carbon steel but there is no reason not explore other steels in future, for example stainless steel.

  • Enamel Tests 8 entries

    All kinds of tests involving enamelling.

  • Enamelling 16 entries

    Here's some of the enamelling work I've been up to!

  • Engraving 6 entries

    Showing things to do with engraving, both by hand and machine.

  • Exhibitions 14 entries

    Anything to do with exhibitions that I've been part of.

  • Machining and gcode 20 entries

    Machining on my Sherline Mill and Lathe, also writing gcode routines and CNC.

  • Making a Watch 22 entries

    All about making a watch, the case, dial and hands, but not the movement - I'll leave that to others!

  • Metal preparation 3 entries
  • Miniature Enamel Painting 18 entries

    All things to do with fine miniature painting in enamels

  • Soldering and welding 4 entries

    A category collecting together any descriptions of soldering or welding metal together.

  • Watch dials 1 entry

    All about making watch dials. There will be some exploration of the size and shape and how to secure the dial into the watch. Mostly this will be about enamel dials, but it could diverge a bit. Principally I'll be exploring miniature enamel painting and cloisonne with engraving too.

  • Workshop things 4 entries

    Anything to do with the workshop.