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Anything to do with the enamelling technique known as Champlevé where areas of metal are raised above the spaces where the enamel is put. In most cases this involves removing the metal in which the enamel is put by either engraving, milling or etching out.

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Enamel Cross Project (part 4)

Enamel Cross Project (part 4)

This is the fourth part of my enamel cross project, for the previous part see here.

I've just finished the lower section of the cross, here's how it looks now:

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Entwining Patterns

Entwining Patterns

I've been experimenting with some champlevé and basse-taille enamelling. This entwining pattern is taken from a medieval enamel religious design. The samples, moving from left to right, respectively, are: a champlevé piece on standard brass, a basse-taille piece on fine silver, a cloissoné piece with fine silver wires on fine silver and, lastly, a champlevé piece on copper.

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