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Cloisonné Amazon Frog (Part 3)

Cloisonné Amazon Frog (Part 3)

My pallet tends to grow a bit, here is the state of things after I'm mid-way through the enamelling. It's best not to expand too much, especially for a graphical piece. Although, having said that, the Amazon frog is partially graphical and partially a painting so all rules are out!

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Cloisonné Amazon Frog (Part 1)

Cloisonné Amazon Frog (Part 1)

This is an experimental project to see if adding a border ring to a domed silver disc improves the overall result of the finished enamel. When I created the set of enamel doorknobs I didn't add a border ring, so the cloisonné wires had to be ground back to be quite thin near the perimeter of the piece where the enamel became thinner, or in some cases, left with a slightly non-smooth surface. This doorknob (above) shows the problem, albeit minor, but to the perfectionist something to improve!


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Entwining Patterns

Entwining Patterns

I've been experimenting with some champlevé and basse-taille enamelling. This entwining pattern is taken from a medieval enamel religious design. The samples, moving from left to right, respectively, are: a champlevé piece on standard brass, a basse-taille piece on fine silver, a cloissoné piece with fine silver wires on fine silver and, lastly, a champlevé piece on copper.

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Enamel Colour Tests - High Resolution

Enamel Colour Tests - High Resolution

A couple of people have asked me if I could upload a higher resolution picture of the enamel tests than I did in my previous post as the numbers and names were not visible. If you right click on the above image and select view image (or just press 'Crtl' and '+' to magnify) then you will see the image at its maximum resolution. This photo was taken outside without a flash so it should give a better representation of the colours under natural light.

Enamel Colour Tests

Enamel Colour Tests

These are the set of enamel colours that I got from Milton Bridge's British Enamels set. It was quite a lot of work but worth doing. I've got an order for some cloisonné work and need some compatible non-painting colours. The top three rows are the transparent enamels and the bottom two rows the opaque.

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